While the list of top modeling agencies is long, there are several other noteworthy companies that specialize in finding and nurturing top talent. These companies include Ford Models, Elite Management, Lily’s Talent, and Stewart Talent. If you are interested in a career in the fashion industry, or you want to break into the entertainment industry, you may want to sign with one of these agencies. For more information, check out the following articles or search for top modeling agencies near me in the search engines:

Ford Models

Founded by Jerry and Eileen Ford in 1946, the Ford Model Agency has a long history. Among its many accomplishments, Ford has brought to the public such well-known celebrities as Naomi Campbell, Jane Fonda, and Christy Turlington. In addition to its extensive roster of supermodels, Ford has an inclusive culture. The agency offers a nurturing environment and guarantees long-term mentorship for its models.

Elite Management

Elite Model Management is a leading modeling agency. Established in Paris in 1972, this agency has since gone on to branch out in Miami, Toronto, and Los Angeles. It has created a legacy as an industry leader, helping to launch the careers of some of the biggest names in fashion. It has four divisions, including women, men, and ad models. The New York office was the first to sign a transgender person.

Lily’s Talent

The founder of Lily’s Talent, Lily McCartney, has an impressive resume of accomplishments. She attended the University of Illinois Chicago on a full scholarship, worked as a model, a fitness instructor, and a legal secretary. She eventually earned her bachelor’s degree in education, taught in a public school in Niles, IL, and began to promote the modeling careers of her daughters. Lily McCartney founded Lily’s Talent agency in 1983, first representing print talent and eventually expanding into voice-overs. She is also a member of the Equity and SAG-AFTRA unions.

Stewart Talent

There are many different kinds of modeling agencies in the United States, but Stewart Talent may be one of the best. In addition to its headquarters in Chicago, Stewart Talent has offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. Here are some of the key differences between these companies. The first difference is their location. While BMG Models is based in New York, Stewart Talent has offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Entourage Agency

Entourage is one of the top modeling agencies in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1988, Entourage represents talent ranging in age from one to 55 years old. Their talent includes models for television commercials, fashion shows, films, and music videos. The agency also features bilingual talent. A recent client list of Entourage includes celebrities, actresses, and singers. The agency also offers a summer camp for aspiring models and actors.

Wilhelmina Men

Models with plus-size bodies can apply to be part of the Wilhelmina Men modeling agency. Their Titans division is comprised of big, tall men with more proportionate body types. Models like David Carter, who is a former NFL player and social media influencer, may be interested in this agency. He has modeled for brands including Adidas, Target Original Use, and Express Men. He has also been a part of the agency’s Titans line.